Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May update

Plans for the World Sculpture Project time capsule openings in Norway and Japan are going well! I leave for Norway on May 25.

Here are some Gifts for people in Norway and Japan who are hosting the time capsule openings. I turned to family members to purchase beautiful hand made items.
Hand carved spoons and bowl were made by granddaughter Angela Robins. She lives in Minnesota and uses traditional Norwegian methods for her turning and carving

My sister Sally Cabell’s brightly colored quilts reflect traditional American style.

Per Andreasson at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo, Norway is using Facebook to find people in their late 20’s and early 30’s who were students in 1996 and whose artwork is in the capsule. We look forward to some of the original students being present to open the capsule inside the sculpture. The opening at the Solekko sculpture will be on Thursday, June 4.

Mitsubishi Estate Company in Sendai, Japan is sponsoring the capsule opening at the Himeguri sculpture to be held on Saturday, June 20.  Mitsubishi paid for the building of the sculpture in 1998.

Tetsuro Yoshida from Mitsubishi is coordinating plans with local schools for the ceremony. Current students from Meysen Academy and Tohoku International School will pair up in twos, one kindergartner to one high school student, to remove the artwork and place it on viewing tables for all to see.

We also plan to replace the artwork with new calligraphy and drawings: “Blessings for Peace and Wellbeing of the Planet” will be put into the two-foot high blue ceramic time capsule and placed back into the vault under earth for posterity.

Student comments: Looking back into the 1998 archives I have found comments from children who created the artwork for the capsules.

Jon Currie, Milton, Vermont: “The experience of making an artifact that will go to Japan has definitely been intriguing as well as a lot of fun. I see it as an opportunity for positive exposure for Milton high School, amidst the aftermath of last year’s infamous bomb threats.”

Sam Lavoie, Essex, Vermont: “It excites me to know that my art could possibly end up in Hawaii or Norway.”

Angela Gagliano, Essex, Vermont: “The whole unity theme is great, especially in this time of confusion.”

Leslie Pero, North Hero, Vermont: “I enjoyed working on this project since it seems to take a piece of our generation (its ideas and thoughts expressed through the arts) and sending it to different places in the world. People will find our artwork and see how we felt.”

Laurel Dugan, Essex, Vermont: “It is very exciting that our artwork may be a part of a project in another part of the world. This is a unique experience.”

J Pierce, Essex, Vermont: “I can’t imagine that my (ceramic) frog is going to be part of a bigger sculpture.”

Ashley Haupt, Vermont: “I am very excited and overjoyed. To know that my little bowl is going to be inside a very important land mark is amazing.”

Trinda Hibbard, Vermont: “It is neat that something we made is going to another country. It would be cool to see what other kids in Japan think of our work and how different theirs would be.”

Can anyone join us in either Norway or Japan? Contact me for more details at